The value of rematches: One of the best indicators of the effectiveness of a given training program comes from rematches. They provide invaluable information because comparisons in performance can be made relative to an opponent – the comparisons are not always perfect, as other factors might influence the respective outcomes, but they are far better than most methods of assessing progress. For these reasons I always pay particular attention to rematches. I was always very proud of the fact that Georges St-Pierre never lost a rematch in his career – that was a good indicator of a training program that constantly took him forward in performance levels. A fascinating rematch occurred at EBI 11 when Gordon Ryan took on the very tough and capable Vagner Rocha. The two had fought to a long draw around six months ago. Mr Ryan had done most of the attacking but was unable to finish his many attacks. In response we worked a lot on using leg attacks to create reversals into top position. Mr Ryan is extremely adept at creating top pressure combined with finely measured leg pummeling to free his legs and work to superior positions- the one he favors most is the back. This time he was not to be denied. Using some of the more basic elements of our back attack system he broke through and got the stranglehold that eluded him previously. This was a good sign of his continuing progress and that constant additions and refinements of tactics and techniques can make what seemed impossible yesterday, relatively simple today. @allinphoto @banevis