The squad dominates in Florida: The two squad members who went to Sapeteiro 7 grappling tournament at 175 pounds beat everyone to both get to the finals where they had to face each other! Matthew Tesla, who has only started competing recently won the event with another outstanding performance. Jason Rau defeated everyone to make his own way to the final on the opposite bracket. In the final Mr Tesla gained victory over his team mate via heel hook variation. The two squad athletes used a combination of leg attack, back attack and front headlock systems to quickly accrue submission wins over their respective opponents under EBI style rules. Probably the most significant match of the day was between EBI 11 standout semi finalist Craig Jones and Mr Tesla. Mr Tesla’s victory clearly shows he is operating at a high level and will look to make appearances at other professional shows. Sapeteiro continues to provide an excellent venue for athletes developing their submission skills and building their resume. Kohai students Mr Tesla and Mr Rau have worked very hard to increase their prowess and it is wonderful to see the fruits of their labor on the stage.