Humor in unlikely situations: In combat sports sometimes the funniest things occur totally out of the blue and amongst all the anxieties, make for great memories. In the 1980’s a campy martial arts movie, The Karate Kid was released. It featured a young man moving to a new town and getting bullied by a group of toughs from a the local karate school, the cobra kai’s. The young hero learns karate and takes on the local thugs in a tournament where he defeats several of them on the way to the final. The evil sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo recognizes the threat of the newly trained hero and tells one of his athletes to perform an illegal sweeping technique to break the heroes leg. He uttered the now infamous command to sweep the leg” which has now found its way into contemporary culture as something to say anytime you want to advocate underhanded or dirty tactics to gain victory. The hero