Perfect performance! The great Roger Gracie took on Marcus Almeida “buchecha” in a rematch today in what was essentially a battle for the title of greatest of all time. Their first bout had been a titanic struggle to a draw. Few were aware however, that Mr Gracie had fought in the immediate aftermath of a severe staph infection. This time he came in healthy and despite a long lay off from competition, put on a characteristic display of classical jiu jitsu perfection to shut down a very powerful and dangerous opponent, and, as he has done throughout his career, make it all look easy and simple. He went back to a theme exhibited so often in his matches, strong gripping sequences in the standing position to shut out his opponents standing attacks, then dragging his opponent to his guard and coming up from bottom to his opponents back in such a calm and relaxed manner that it always seems to make his opponents look like beginners – except that it is the second best jiu jitsu athlete in the world. From there, the usual inevitability of the finish and the seeming impossibility of escape for the opponent. Fittingly it was a last show for Mr Gracie. There is simply nothing more he can do in the sport, and, like all great performers, he saved the best until last.