It’s a wrap folks!! Just finished a crazy weekend of filming the re-shoot of LEG LOCKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM in Boston. Two hectic days – eleven hours on Saturday and nine hours today to produce around 10 hours of video content. Filming went well – I added a lot of new content. We stay on many of the same techniques and topics as the first video, but with many additions. The general sense of the new video is a leaner, faster paced, more action oriented production. Of course you will also have full access to the original as well so you get both styles. Now I’m on the train back to NYC back before midnight and then it’s a long day tomorrow – 6am alarm and get home from work around 11pm – it’s a good thing I like what I do! It’s beautiful to take a train ride through New England at dusk in spring – always a reminder that there’s more to life than gyms and jiu jitsu. Next weekend I return to Boston and do it all again as I reshoot the entire Back Attack series (it had similar audio problems to the leg lock series). It’s tough, but not as tough as going to sleep knowing you didn’t give your best to get an important job done – so come next weekend – back on the train bound for Boston to get it right! Wishing you all the best from the tracks in New England