Victory in Tokyo!! Garry Tonon went to his fourth stoppage victory in his Burgeoning MMA career here in Japan at @onechampionship He took on talented Anthony Engelen a Dutch/Indonesian kick boxer. Early in the match Mr Engelen went to his strength with a strong low kick attack, giving Mr Tonon a reactive kick catch takedown. From there Mr Tonon put on a devastating display of grapple boxing - the integration of grappling and striking on the floor. Mr Tonon is a master of grappling after many years at the highest levels of the sport, tonight he showed his developing skill in grapple boxing and the intimidating power of this mode of attack when well applied. It is hard to believe he has been competing in MMA for only one year. And training for only three additional months. In that time, four fights, four victories, four stoppages. I am incredibly impressed by the speed of his development and the work ethic he has exhibited in making it possible. Here he is backstage at @onechampionship press conference area. Congratulations to Mr Tonon and @onechampionship for another amazing show. A big thank you to the amazing people of Japan - I am so hopeful that big time MMA can come back here to this great bastion of martial arts history and spirit. Wishing you all the best from Tokyo! Thank you all for your support and interest in our approach to learning and training! To all my students back in NYC - see you soon! To all my Instagram followers - keep training hard and aiming high!

Garry Tonon makes weight - all systems go! Garry Tonon Just successfully weighed in here in Tokyo for his fight tomorrow at @onechampionship Here we are going back to the hotel to recharge. It’s Cherry Blossom season here in Japan and there is a beautiful Temple next door which is popular for traditional weddings which are going on as a large groups of MMA athletes prepare for action tomorrow - such an odd contrast - but a rather poignant one as the essence of martial arts is controlled power. Though our business is ultimately a violent one, it is always sublimated to be contained within a peaceful social setting - that’s what differentiates a martial artist from a thug - so it’s beautiful to observe wedding guests intermingled with some of the baddest people on the planet as naturally as birds with the cherry blossoms above them. Wishing you all the best from Tokyo! Hope you all enjoy the big show!

Old school in Tokyo! Wonderful meeting up with two true MMA legends and pioneers - both early heroes of mine from the early days of MMA all the way up to the present and into the future! @vitorbelfort and @caoluno These guys had so many thrilling matches over the years - can’t wait to see them do more in the future! They are here in Tokyo for the big @onechampionship event this weekend - it’s a great time to be in Japan! Legends like these fellows put MMA on the map - I can still vividly remember all their biggest fights from years ago and they are both in tremendous shape even now and ready to show that old school skills are still an incredible force in an ever changing sport! I must have watched their fights a thousand times - such an honor to meet them in person!

Heading back from gym - Tokyo train

Heading back from gym - Tokyo train: Taking the train back to Shinagawa Station after another great workout for @garrytonon for @onechampionship I am extremely impressed by the Japanese people and the city of Tokyo. It is deeply impressive to observe how well mannered and courteous everyone is. I have never seen a people so committed to their work - literally every interaction I have had with local workers, from Hotel staff to a cashier at the local seven eleven, has impressed me with their diligence and commitment to doing their job as well as they can with enthusiasm, vigor and professionalism. It soon becomes obvious how this Island nation with no natural resources worked their way up to become the second largest economy in the world for so long (and probably pound for pound number one). While no people or place perfect, There is much the rest of us could learn from them and improve ourselves. Their subway is immaculate and extremely efficient and people are extraordinarily polite and well ordered. Even though the population density here is very high one does not see many of the social problems we have back home here. There is a real martial arts culture also - with many great martial arts schools all around. The level of Judo and Karate here is simply astounding. I am very proud to be a tiny part of the first big MMA event here in Japan in many years. For such a long time Japan was a global leader in MMA development - it would be incredible if that could be brought back. Wishing you all the best from Tokyo and hoping this day took you all just another step closer to your martial arts dreams and goals!

Shoot Boxing

Shoot Boxing: Garry Tonon goes through his shoot boxing drills and skills in preparation for his upcoming fight at @onechampionship Tokyo. It is always fascinating to study how the presence of some new variable drastically changes the behavior of an established system. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of shoot boxing - where the presence of takedowns drastically changes the established rhythms and patterns of boxing and kickboxing. Mr Tonon continues to make progress in this fascinating aspect of MMA training - he only started just over a year ago and has made tremendous progress in such a short time. Now it’s back to the hotel and some reading, them some note taking for the next video series I will make on BJJ Fundamentals. So impressed by hospitality and friendliness of local people - I hope @onechampionship has many more events here!

Garry Tonon getting ready

Garry Tonon getting ready: The big show in Tokyo draws closer. @onechampionship has sold out for their biggest card ever. Today was another step towards the cage as Garry Tonon went through his drills in the midst of cutting weight and the various media obligations that come with big events. It was fun going back to the hotel with tour guide Matt Hume through the Tokyo train system at rush hour! This city is amazing! So busy but so well organized! NYC looks like total anarchy and chaos in comparison! Here we are after this afternoons workout - so impressive to watch the dedication that Mr Tonon outs into his preparation and skill development - it’s hard to believe that it’s still less than a year since his first fight! His prodigious training routine helps make up for his short time in the sport.

Matched pairs

Matched pairs: A very important notion to advance your game is to understand that all good Jiu Jitsu is based around the idea of DILEMMA. Whenever possible, work with two moves linked together so that as one runs into resistance, the over takes over. Note immediately that your CHOICE of linked moves is very important - CERTAIN MOVES LINK TOGETHER WITH OTHERS MUCH BETTER THAN OTHERS. What makes a superior link is often dependent on how you want to attack and what the scenario is. One of the very best linked attacks is the pairing of arm bar (juji gatame) and triangle (sankaku). Whenever you have one, you almost always have the other. Here, I start in a commonly seen arm bar from top rear mount, but as my partner begins to go into a standing escape sequence, I hook into the posted arm in a way that immediately leads into one of my favorite triangles - the rear triangle (ushiro Sankaku). The leg hook under the arm and over the neck creates an extremely strong breakdown to return the opponent to the mat. All it takes on your part is some simple leg pommelling - made easy by the fact the leg positioning in arm bars and triangles is very similar - and now you have two easily linked attacks in one scenario that double your chance of success!

First workout in the land of the rising sun

First workout in the land of the rising sun: Garry Tonon gets a nice shoot boxing workout after the long flight to Tokyo at a local Golds Gym - impressive to see that in Japan even the body building gyms have martial arts mat area Tomorrow we will use a real martial arts gym but this was perfect as a first late night workout to break jet lag and get moving. It’s always fun adapting a workout to a new environment - even more so when its a new country! Now we get a chance to see some of this grand city of lights as we head back to the hotel in a cab. This nation is so impressive - physically small and with very few natural resources other than a highly disciplined, education and research oriented, unified and motivated population they rebuilt and reinvented themselves soon after the total catastrophe of World War 2 to become the second or third largest economic power in the world - a truly remarkable feat that we can all draw inspiration from in our own individual bid to grow and prosper.

Tokyo bound with the the Lion Killer

Tokyo bound with the the Lion Killer: heading to @onechampionship Tokyo with @garrytonon at Newark Airport. He has trained exceedingly well as always - so impressive with his drive to learn and improve - a real inspiration to all the other athletes in the room. Thank you all so much for your interest in our approach to the game. Will try to keep you all updated as the week progresses. I will miss all my students in the basement as always but excited to see you all when I get back!

Six systems - feel the power

Six systems - feel the power: With the release of the arm bar (juji gatame) video, the ENTER THE SYSTEM series is complete. It might seem odd that I teach only six submission systems, Back attack system, ashi garami system, front headlock system, Kimura system, triangle system and juji gatame system; afterall, there a vast number of other submission holds out there. When it comes to submissions i use three criteria for selection. First, which moves are truly high percentage? Are they used repeatedly by athletes at all levels, all weight classes in all formats? Second, do they as a whole allow you to attack the entire body? Third, can they be put into highly developed sequential systems that enable you to punch through the toughest defenses and resistance at championship level? Judged in this light you will see that the number of submissions to be selected now shrinks dramatically. My coaching philosophy is always to focus on a select few very high percentage moves and create great DEPTH of knowledge around those, rather than superficial knowledge of a vast BREADTH of moves whose effectiveness in competition is questionable. When my students go out to compete I am always very confident that the six systems we practice will give them a big firepower advantage in submission skill and range. They have enough HIGH PERCENTAGE submissions to cover THE WHOLE BODY with a depth and sophistication that will make them VERY DIFFICULT TO STOP. As Thanos strapped on six infinity gems to gain his powers - add these six submission systems to gain your powers on the mat!