Victory in LA!!

Victory in LA!! A huge congratulations to squad athletes @gordonlovesjiujitsu @nickyrod247 @craigjonesbjj @garrytonon @nickyryanbjj @tazagarami for an incredible weekends work at the ADCC World Championships here in Anaheim California. The squad put on the most successful team performance in ADCC history with five medals and the most impressive individual performance by Gordon Ryan with double gold medals in weight and absolute divisions. These young men trained so hard for the big show and out on a truly amazing performance. A huge thank you to ADCC organizers and staff who put on the best show in the events history to a packed audience. The crowd was amazing and we are very proud to have a chance to show our philosophy of Jiu Jitsu at such a great show. Thank you all for your support and interest in what we do. Wishing you all the best from Anaheim!!

Strong first day for the squad at the ADCC World Championships

Strong first day for the squad at the ADCC World Championships: In Jiu Jitsu as in life, no one cares how you start - they only care about how you finish - that’s why we don’t put too much emphasis on the first day’s results - nonetheless it was a strong start for the squad on Day One with four out of five athletes through to the semi finals. There were some incredible matches today that I am sure will have people talking for quite a while. We are all heading back to prepare for a big day tomorrow. As always thank you so much for your support and following our athletes and our philosophies. Hope you all enjoyed the show! Back in action tomorrow

The squad checks in

The squad checks in: All squad members successfully weighed in this morning at the ADCC World Championships in Anaheim California for the first of three weigh ins over the course of the event. We will go for a final light workout later and then go out to a wild nightclub and party with strippers and drug dealers and rappers until dawn as final preparation for the event #viproomprepsucka

Counting down

Counting down: Final days now before the ADCC World Championships here in Anaheim California. The nature of training now is very different from earlier in the camp. Now it’s about tactics rehearsals and general movement and weight management rather than hard sparring. Here, Gordon Ryan and the squad go through our pre match drills. Keeping an eye on intensity levels is important now - it’s analogous to the difference between SHARPENING the edge of a knife - where the idea is to remove metal and change its edge geometry to a narrower edge - vs POLISHING the edge of a knife - a less radical action where the edge is gently smoothed down to make a refined cut. All the athletes here in Anaheim are in this polishing phase now. Today and tomorrow the process will go into the final phase of weight management - never a fun experience Wishing you all the best from California!

First training session for the squad in LA

First training session for the squad in LA: Getting acclimated on the West Coast, Garry Tonon, Nick Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan get a light workout in preparation for the big show this weekend in Anaheim. It’s getting close now so nothing crazy - drills and light positional sparring at @pointofimpactmma Now its back to the hotel for dinner and plotting wishing you all the best from California!

In a cab heading through Manhattan to JFK - ADCC Bound

In a cab heading through Manhattan to JFK - ADCC Bound: Training Camp is over and the squad heads to California for the biggest grappling show of them all - The ADCC World Championships in Anaheim. Everyone has trained hard and given their all - now it’s time for final preparation and weight cutting. As always it’s a game of doing everything you can to prepare everyone to the best of your knowledge but ultimately the athletes will always have to overcome unforeseen challenges and problems on the stage. ADCC is always a special event. The international flavor with the different approaches and schools of thought makes for a truly fascinating experience for both athletes and spectators. This year has an insane level of talent from all over the world. There are many grappling legends in the mix and also many extremely talented unknowns who are fully capable of surprising everyone. As always - I’m running late Get ready for the greatest grappling show on earth!


Fifty percent of Jiu Jitsu is DENYING YOUR OPPONENT THE SAME THINGS YOU AIM TO DO TO HIM. We all practice as much as possible the things we want to do to our opponent - but at least fifty percent of your time should be spent in those skills of denial - of STOPPING HIM FROM DOING WHAT HE WANTS. I love to see my students practice offense - but I make damn sure they never neglect their defense because we all have a natural tendency to under emphasize it. So get out there and practice your skills of denial - the better your opponents get - the more you will need them!

Closing distance

Closing distance: The whole game in Jiu Jitsu or indeed, any grappling art, is to get close and come to grips with your opponent. The act of getting close enough to establish contact - CLOSING THE DISTANCE - is a skill like any other in Jiu Jitsu and must be practiced and developed. Unfortunately most people just assume that the opponent will engage in grappling and move forward rather lackadaisically and complacently reach out to grab an opponent with about as much technique and tactics as they employ reaching for a milk shake. In a competitive match you will have to fight just to establish basic contact with a skilled opponent. You must have a method of closing distance and getting to advantageous grips. Understand this - ATHLETES WHO START WELL GENERALLY FINISH WELL. Here, Gordon Ryan approaches an opponent in a seated guard. He has barely established contact but you can see he has already taken some considerable advantages even at this early stage. Don’t just approach and grab - APPROACH WITH A PLAN TO SECURE EARLY ADVANTAGE THAT WILL FACILITATE GETTING TO EVEN BIGGER ADVANTAGES.

Capturing the head

Capturing the head: The human body is essentially a skull connected to a spine and everything hangs off that - so when you control the head you control everything else by default. As such, we must put a very high priority on capturing the head whenever we can. THE WHOLE POSITIONAL GAME OF JIU JITSU IS DESIGNED TO GET US PAST OUR OPPONENTS LOWER BODY UP TO THE MID BODY AND THEN PROGRESS UP UNTIL WE CAPTURE THE HEAD. Most of the time we capture the head with our arms, but you can do it in very impressive ways with your LEGS also - via the TRIANGLE (sankaku). Here, Nicky Ryan locks on a devastating side triangle (Yoko Sankaku) which will give tremendous head control that can nail down to the floor even the toughest opponents and offer a great stranglehold at the same time. Remember always the GOAL of the positional game - HEAD CONTROL. Whenever you have the opportunity to control the head - take it - and control of the rest of the body will be your reward.

Getting under an opponent’s center of gravity

Getting under an opponent’s center of gravity: A key skill is grappling is that of LIFTING AN OPPONENT OFF THE MAT. This is done for many reasons. In Jiu Jitsu but is mostly done from bottom position to set up sweeps and lower body submissions. Understand that you will never be able to lift people bigger and heavier than yourself until you master GETTING UNDER THEIR CENTER OF GRAVITY. only when you can under their center of gravity will you be able to lift them easily off the mat and into the move you seek to perform. In standing grappling this usually entails SINKING YOUR HIPS UNDER THEIRS WITH A LEVEL CHANGE. In ground grappling bottom position it usually entails SCOOTING YOUR HIPS DEEP UNDER THEIR HIPS. When you do this you can lift even very big opponents. When you don’t, you will be unable to lift even a lightweight. If you want to make a name for yourself as a dangerous attacker from bottom position, Practice scooting under and lifting daily and soon you will be attacking with much greater effect!