The three things your opponent just can’t hide in a grappling match: Once you come to grips with an opponent you obviously want to hide certain vulnerabilities from each other. No one wants to expose their back obviously and most opponents do a good job reducing back exposure as much as possible. There are three things an opponent will find very difficult to avoid exposing himself to. First is the front headlock. Any time you try to tackle a leg or lower your level, an essential movement in any extended grappling exchange, you become vulnerable to a front head lock. Any time you reach for an opponent, inevitable in any grappling exchange, as you have to grip to begin any form of action, you become vulnerable to KImura. Any time you wisen your base, essential in grappling as no one want to be taken down or swept, you become vulnerable to Ashi garami based leg locks. These three families of submission- strangles from front headlock, kimura and Ashi garami based leg locks; no opponent will be able to totally hide from you in a grappling match that goes longer than a couple of minutes. Make them part of your arsenal. Your opponent can hide many things from you – but he can’t hide those three.