Pathways to the back – the elbow: The back is king of positions in grappling. You score maximum points for getting there and you are in a position to attack with the most high percentage finishing methods in the game whilst your opponent has virtually no effective attacking options. There are many pathways to the back – it is the duty of Jiu Jitsu students to study and master them all – but the best one all round and the method you should start with is the ELBOW. If you can get past the elbow – the back is yours for the taking. There are many ways to beat the elbow – you can drag it, duck it, slide by it – they all work well. Here, Gordon Ryan uses an arm drag to beat the elbow in an attempt to take himself from in front of his opponent to a situation where he can get behind him and where everything is easier. When you are in front of a tough opponent, don’t just look at his elbows – see them for what they – A GATEWAY TO THE BEST POSITION IN THE SPORT! Once you make that perceptual change then you can start changing your position to one where you can win!