Distance control: When you first go to engage an opponent from seated guard there are a lot of variables that will influence how you will engage. Some of these variables are within your control and some are not. One that often is within your control and which has great importance, is DISTANCE. Depending upon what kind of attack you want to employ, you will want to be at an appropriate distance for that attack. Learning to move in such a way that you control the distance between you and your opponent so that you can choose the weapon of your attack is a big part of your development. You should be able to move efficiently from the seated position – scooting – so that you can close distance, maintain distance or increase distance, depending upon what you want to do. Here, Gordon Ryan and the great Xande Ribeiro square off and try to gain advantage through distance before they even engage in grips. Both athletes know what they want, both have a good idea what the other fellow wants – now it will come down to movement skills to see who can actually GET want they want. Often there is considerable jousting for distance and angle at this part of the game – this is normal and to be expected. These skills may not be the exciting to learn, but they have a big impact on the outcome, so make sure you devote time to them.