Heels and toes: Jiu jitsu is a subtle game. Sometimes the smallest actions can have deep consequences. A good example is the significance of shifting an opponents weight on to different areas of the feet. A well balanced person has the weight going down through the center of their feet. All that changes when you can draw an opponents weight FORWARD ONTO THEIR TOES or alternatively, BACKWARDS ONTO THEIR HEELS. When you can do this you can throw/sweep them forwards and backwards with ease – if you can’t, it’s going to be very difficult to throw or sweep anyone your own size and skill level. You must learn the craft of shifting your opponents weight to the toes and heels – this is the precursor of most successful throws and sweeps. When sweeping opponents TRY HARD RO GET A SENSE OF DRAWING THEM ON TO HEELS OR TOES BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO THE ACTUAL SWEEP. This will massively increase your success rate.