You have to be able to perform your favorite moves under any conditions: Usually when we drill moves it is under ideal conditions. Our partner is not resisting, we’re in a comfortable position, breathing comfortably, normal orientation, skin dry – but when it’s time to do it for real; it’s almost always under FAR FROM IDEAL CONDITIONS. Upside down, exhausted, opponents skin slippery as an eel and resistance at maximum, often in ways you did not anticipate. That’s what sparring is for. Drilling gives you the outline and direction of what you are supposed to do, but only sparring will give you the tenacity, improvisational nuances, tightness etc that will make it work when the chips are down. Here, Garry Tonon practices his beloved heel hooks upside down as he rotated through three hundred and sixty degrees – just as is required in most realistic match situations. Of course most of of your drilling will be under ideal conditions – that’s normal and preferable when your start out m, but set some time to drill under non ideal conditions to, it will help when it’s time for sparring