Dynamic pinning: Jiu jitsu has a very different conception of pinning from other grappling sports and learning to understand those differences is extremely important for your development and success. In most grappling sports pins are static and held for time and the pin itself can end a match. Once you get the pin there is no need to move, you just hold him in place for the specified time and it’s over. In Jiu jitsu a pin never ends a match. Moreover, not all pins score points. Side pins, north south pins are considered good and valuable, but score nothing. THE REAL REWARDS IN JIU JITSU COME FROM DYNAMICALLY MOVING FROM ONE PIN TO ANOTHER – THAT’s how you get big scores and set up submissions. Here, Nicky Rod has done a fine job of getting mounted – but you can see he is not satisfied with the static pin – he has loosened his feet as he isolates his opponents head and arm. This will allow dynamic transitions to other pinning positions to set up the submissions that he really wants. Learning to move from pin to pin WITHOUT GIVING UP SPACE AND LETTING AN OPPONENT ESCAPE is one of the most valuable and rewarding skills in the sport and is one of the key bridges between POSITION and SUBMISSION. It’s a wonderful thing to have a solid and secure static pin – that’s the first skill you must master in pinning – but you MUST go on to develop the real match winning skill of dynamic pinning, where you move smoothly from pin to pin. Only then can you use the unique characteristics of Jiu jitsu pinning to your advantage