The ultimate pressure pass – half guard: There are two main methods of guard passing. The first is based on MOVEMENT. The idea is to move rapidly to an angle and close distance at a rate that your opponent can not keep up with. Good examples would be toreando passes, x passes, long step passes etc. Second, there are pressure passing methods based around the idea of STOPPING THE OPPONENT FROM MOVING. Good examples would be over/under passing, stack passing etc. The best form of pressure passing in my opinion, is HALF GUARD PASSING. The reason is that the pressure is usually applied directly to the HEAD AND SHOULDERS, which has the greatest effect of stopping movement in your opponent. CONTROL OVER THE HEAD IS THE SINGLE MOST SIGNIFICANT FORM OF CONTROL YOU CAN EXERT UPON THE HUMAN BODY. No other passing method offers such unrelenting and intimidating pressure as half guard passing. The main weapons at you disposal are a strong cross face or reverse cross face to control the head; and either a far side or near side underhook to control the shoulders. Look how Gordon Ryan, a truly devastating half guard passer, flattens out his opponent to set up his cross face and work towards an under hook on either side – then with direct control of the head and shoulders the pressure mounts very quickly indeed – leading to the kind of passing success you will need as you progress to the higher ranks!