I am very happy to announce the release today of my latest instructional video HALF GUARD PASSING AND DYNAMIC PINNING. As many of you know from watching my students, I am a huge advocate of forcing your way to half guard and using this a premier passing position due to the unique possibilities for the most important kind of control in Jiu jitsu – head control. This is probably the most versatile form of guard passing as it works equally well in Gi, no gi and MMA. It offers great opportunities to greatly increase your passing scores by passing directly to mount and it is fair to say it is the passing method that requires very little athleticism and no speed. A closely related topic is dynamic pinning. Pinning in Jiu jitsu is very different than other grappling arts. It offers the greatest point scoring potential in the sport getting mounted or rear mount scores double what a takedown or sweep scores with far less effort and athleticism required. At the same time it creates the kind of pressure and purposeful movement required to enforce your upper body submission game. If you are interested in the potential of these skills to help your game – check it out! Link in my Instagram bio