Use all your options when passing half guard: Half Guard passing represents perhaps the most high percentage and versatile method of passing your opponents guard in the sport. Use it well and use it often. Whenever you choose to use it, be aware that you can pass in three directions. First, to the same side as you initiate the pass. Second, straight up the middle to the mount. Third, across your opponents body to the far side. All three are highly effective and all three combine well with each other. Learning to use all three possible directions, especially in combinations, will make it very difficult for an opponent to stop you. Here, I have back stepped over to the far side to get into a particularly effective passing method that controls an opponents head while while creating great pressure by getting head and hips pointing in opposing directions. Make sure you have at least one trusted method of half guard passing for each of the three main possible directions of passing from half guard and you will soon find your passing game generating a lot more success for you!