The beginning of every application of a physical technique is the mental act of recognition of opportunity: Every time you go to apply a move or tactic in the sport of Jiu jitsu the first step is a mental one – recognizing that the opportunity is there to apply it. Learning to train your eyes and brain and SEE and RECOGNIZE is this a HUGE part of your development. A big part of your training must therefore be a kind of MENTAL PROGRAMMING that teaches your eyes to see and your kind to recognize so that your body can pull the trigger and execute the move. Nowhere is this more important than programming yourself to see the multitude of opportunities that occur to take the back during any grappling exchange. The back is a huge percentage of our body’s total surface area – so opportunity will ALWAYS be there as you grapple. Learning to see and recognize those opportunities is the beginning of actually TAKING the opportunities and becoming renown as a master of back attacks. Here Garry Tonon sees a fleeting vision of the back and immediately capitalizes!