The power of the triangle – Gordon Ryan victorious in Dallas: Gordon Ryan defeated 10th planet standout Kyle Boehm here is Dallas tonight in his first return to competition since the covid 19 crises broke out. It was wonderful to be back in action again and see so many of the great figures of the sport again after the long lockdown inactivity and what seems like an eternity. The match featured a no time limit submission only format – arguably the most “pure” form of Jiu jitsu as there is no doubt about the eventual winner. These matches have a very different pace and tempo from regular points matches with time limits. Mr Ryan paced himself well early on but started to apply increasing amounts of pressure as time passed until he was about to take Mr Boehms back after a leg lock attempt and in a scramble transitioned beautifully from arm bar to triangle. The threat of the strangle forced Mr Boehm to come forward and into a very interesting bent arm lock variation within the triangle (essentially a variation of an American lock) that created a vicious break and a quick end to the match. It was a fine example of MULTIPLE THREATS – so important in high level Jiu jitsu where the resistance levels are very high. The triangle offers an incredible ability to fuse together strangle threat with multiple arm lock threats – you have juji gatame, ude gatame (reverse armlock), kimura and American locks (even a wrist lock in there). It is so hard for an opponent to cover all the simultaneous threats – worse still when the person doing it is Gordon Ryan. Hope you all enjoyed the show. Thank you to the promotion and flograppling for starting the road back to Jiu Jitsu with the these small first steps. Wishing you all the best from Dallas, Texas!