Turtle breakdowns – start by forming an effective connection and get them out of balance (kuzushi): When you first start out working to attack turtle position it seems like an easy task – your opponent has his back to you and seems quite harmless. Then you start working against more experienced opponents and attacking turtle position seems like trying to attack a fire hydrant, then you start working with people who specialize in counter offense from this position and suddenly it feels like you are trying to ride a barrel floating down a fast moving river. One thing is clear – you need to be connected to your opponent or they can simply move away from you. You have a bunch of good options when it comes to connection – just make sure you connect with both upper body through arms, and lower body through hips. Once this is done – GET THEM OUT OF BALANCE. The turtle position gives your opponent a surprising degree of athletic potential. They can roll, stand up, sit to guard, trap and roll you into a pin etc. Take all that away from the start by breaking their balance and suddenly the task of attacking turtle position gets a LOT easier. The only way an opponent can stop an attack on his balance is to widen his base – and that will immediately create different opportunities for your turtle attacks. Make it a habit – get connected and attack his balance – then you can choose all your other options at will