When you can’t get the breakthrough with your hands – strangle with your legs: Probably the most common source of frustration when you attempt to strangle from the back is your opponents defensive hand fighting and chin positioning that prevents you getting a clean strangle. Indeed, concerns over exactly this problem was the motivation behind my back strangle system where we use our legs to trap defensive arms and if necessary, strangle over a defensive jaw (mandible strangles) – these signature techniques are often brilliantly used by my students to get breakthroughs where most people experience failure. Nonetheless, there is always going to be that day you simply can’t get through the defenses with your arms. In those cases, it’s time for you to make use of the impressive strangling power of the LEGS – using the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku). I don’t Carr how strong your opponent is – his hands aren’t as strong as both your legs – the rear triangle will overcome hands and give you additional arm lock and wrist lock options that virtually guarantee a finish. There is no question that strangles with the arms are the most high percentage finishes from the back – always use them first. But when they aren’t working be ready to switch to legs and get the finish!

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