Identify the potential threat(s) and negate it – then go to work: The most obvious and important feature of all combat sports is RESISTANCE. You are expected to impose your moves upon an opponent who is actively resisting your attempts at those moves AND who is simultaneously attempting to impose his own moves upon you. It’s tempting when this occurs to turn this into a battle of wills – if I want it more than the other guy, perhaps i can prevail; or, I simple expend more strength and energy than the other fellow and outlast him. While these approaches can certainly work, they are not an expression of the ideals of Jiu Jitsu. Instead, look to identify the specific grips and positions your opponent is using on you. Identify what specific dangers they create and begin BY FIRST NEGATING THOSE GRIPS AND POSITIONS and only when you feel they have been nullified, go on to impose your game. AVOID SITUATIONS WHERE YOU ARE BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY TRYING TO IMPOSE YOUR WILL UPON EACH OTHER – this always degenerates into a dog fight where the stronger and fitter man wins. Rather, begin by robbing your opponent of any means of imposing his moves upon you, and only then trying to impose your own game. Here, Gordon Ryan begins his guard pass – NOT WITH PASSING, but rather with the shutting down of his opponents butterfly guard by compressing his feet to his buttocks and locking the hips. Without free movement of the feet and hips the butterfly guard is useless. NOW it’s time to think about how you wish to pass. To get the POSITIVE results you seek – BEGIN WITH NEGATION

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