Defensive responsibility: It is crucial for your development to understand the golden rule of defensive responsibility: ALL GOOD OFFENSE HAS DEFENSE BUILT INTO IT, AND ALL GOOD DEFENSE HAS OFFENSE BUILT INTO IT. It is of the greatest importance than whenever you engage in offense, you must maintain your defensive integrity. Here, Nicky Ryan puts himself in a fine position to begin devastating attacks to his opponent’s legs – but he makes sure first to position his own feet and legs in a fashion where counter attacks are unlikely to succeed. Avoid putting yourself in situations where your opponent can come back hard at you as you attempt to attack him. Always look to be DEFENSIVELY SOUND even when pressing home your favorite attacks. Good opponents will always counter your attacks – your job as you press home your attacks is to give them as few openings for those counters as possible. Start analyzing all your favorite attacks and then list all the main counters to them – then ask yourself the million dollar question – what can I do when using these attacks to reduce the effect of these counters? Working in this fashion will help your offense immeasurably

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