Attacking submissions from bottom

Attacking submissions from bottom position – aim for the joint above the one you are attacking: The most common problem I see when students go to attack from bottom position is that they lose the war against gravity and let their hips sag too low. This always results in a mediocre control of the limb being attacked and inevitable failure against a resisting opponent. If you go to attack the elbow with an arm bar – AIM YOUR HIPS FOR THE SHOULDER. If you go to attack the knee with a heel hook – AIM HIPS FOR THE OPPONENTS HIPS. In other words – if you want to attack a given joint – aim to control the joint above it and you will be in an excellent position to get breaking pressure on your actual target. GET THOSE HIPS OF YOURS RISING UP HIGH OFF THE MAT AND YOU WILL FORM THE KIND OF CONNECTION REQUIRED TO BREAK STRONG RESISTING OPPONENTS. Look at Garry Tonons high hips here as he fights for a heel hook from bottom position. Pushing his hips up to his opponents hips ensures a solid entrapment of the knee he seeks to attack.

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