Open guard is a four limbed beast

Open guard is a four limbed beast – get your hands and feet working in unison: when working from open guard it is not your hands alone that will make you successful, nor will it be your feet working alone; rather, it will be the INTERACTION of your hands and feet working TOGETHER that will make you a devastating open guard player. Remember always that as your opponent passes your FEET and LEGS, you will stop and briefly hold him with your HANDS, but your HANDS are not strong enough to hold hime for LONG, so must recover your FEET AND LEGS back into position and start anew. Thus it is the constant cycling and interaction of FEET and hands, ARMS and LEGS that will make you the master of open guard that you must become in order to master the sport itself. Don’t emphasize upper Body and don’t emphasize lower body – emphasize WHOLE body and get feet and hands working TOGETHER and your open guard will one day become Unpassable and your attacks from there unstoppable

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