Knots: I’m sure you’ve all had the frustration of trying to untie a tightly tangled knot. At times there is a strong natural urge to just yank harder on the string/rope and use brute force to untangle it. This rarely works and usually just makes things worse. So too in Jiu jitsu, when trying to untangle the knots of your opponents limbs when attempting arm locks and leg locks. Getting frustrated and tanking and pulling with brute force won’t untie human knots any better than rope knots. Just as you with a knot of rope – take a step back, relax, and look at the configuration of your opponents limbs and then make reasoned solutions to the puzzle in front of you – as with all knots – A GENTLE PULL IN THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS WILL HAVE MUCH GREATER BENEFITS THAN HARD YANKING AND STRUGGLING IN THE WRONG DIRECTIONS. Look at the calm demeanor of Nicky Ryan as he goes about untying his opponents defensive arms while pursuing a juji gatame arm bar – as a result, when he finally does commit to a hard pull – it will separate the arms and bring victory rather than frustration

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