Guard passing – two directions for your game

There are a vast number of ways to pass an opponents guard, but at the end of the day they can be divided into two camps. The first are those passes that focus upon USING YOUR MOBILITY TO OUTFLANK YOUR OPPONENTS LEGS. The second are those that focus upon IMMOBILIZING YOUR OPPONENTS FEET AND HIPS AND GOING PAST HIS IMMOBILIZED HIPS. So one is concerned with using your mobility to pass, the other is concerned with restricting the opponents mobility. Toreando (bullfighting) passes are a good example of using your mobility advantage (you are on your feet, opponent is on his back so you should be able to move much faster and more freely than him). Bodylock passes would be a good example of passes that shut down your opponents hips and feet and prevent him following your movement as you pass. It’s natural that you should favor one type over the other, BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE OF EACH (and preferably a few more than that) so that you can play both games to throw off difficult opponents. Here, Gordon Ryan puts his opponent under tremendous pressure with his powerful body lock passing style.

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