Sweeps AND submissions: Very often there is a natural tendency to divide our attacks from open guard into sweeps and submissions and to see them as as an either/or option – you either sweep the opponent or you submit him. There is nothing wrong with that, but you will get much better results when you understand that they operate best when used in unison. Every time you attack with a sweep, your opponent will be forced to base out with his limbs to prevent it. This will immediately created extended limbs – and extended limbs are breakable limbs. THE MORE YOU CAN GET AN OPPONENT EXTENDED AND OUT OF BALANCE, THE MORE YOU WILL SUBMIT HIM. Don’t see sweeps as an alternative choice to submissions – see them as an essential precursor – and watch your submission percentages increase overnight. Here, Gordon Ryan launches an opponent into some serious air time at the world championships. A sweep attack as powerful as this will either result in sweep points or at the very least, an extended and off balanced opponent who can easily be attacked via submission at both upper and lower body.