Quadrants of the body

Quadrants of the body: When it’s time to submit an opponent your main targets are the neck (strangles), arms and legs (joint locks). Divide your opponents body into left upper quadrant (left arm target). Right upper quadrant (right arm target). Left lower quadrant (left leg target) right lower quadrant (right leg target). My favorite way to attack joint lock combinations is either side upper quadrant followed by opposite side lower body quadrant. This is the most natural (it’s always easier to go DOWN the body than UP the body for joint lock combinations on the floor) and the most deceptive (going from one side to the other takes advantage of the natural defenses to the initial upper body attack. You can see it here – I am threatening my partners right arm but positioning myself in such a way that it will be very easy to transition to the left leg (upper right to lower left) should the arm lock fail. Combining your attacks in this way will make you a very dangerous combination attacker – and get you more finishes on the mat!

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