Head and shoulders

Head and shoulders: people talk a lot about head control in Jiu jitsu, and for a good reason – because head control is probably the single best means of controlling the overall movement and posture of an opponents body. Understand however, that in the majority of cases in Jiu jitsu, it won’t just be control of the head that gives you the control you need for victory, but rather control of the head AND shoulders. When you control the HEAD AND SHOULDER GIRDLE then you truly control an opponent. In most cases this is done via an underhook in combination with a cross face, and this is locked in place through the position of your own head. This creates an unholy trinity of pressure – crossface, underhook and head position – that truly enables you to shut down resistance and movement as you play your game. Look at how Gordon Ryan gets all three elements working in unison here to create the daunting pressure that makes him such a threat in top half guard passing situations. When you go to control the HEAD, think about controlling the HEAD AND SHOULDERS, and soon you will be locking down opponents and getting to your winning positions.

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