Make sure you have good strangles from the front and the back

Make sure you have good strangles from the front and the back: History has shown that strangles from rear mount have been the single most successful and versatile form of submission in Jiu jitsu. All students should do everything in their power to increase their skill in this area. Less well known however, is the idea that one of the best ways to increase your success with rear strangles is to get good at front strangles. Once you establish a reputation as a dangerous strangler from frontal positions, opponents will be forced to go into strong defensive reactions to that threat – reactions so strong and predictable that they make the task of shifting to a position behind an opponent to set up rear strangles much easier than they would otherwise be. DIVERSION will always be one of the best means to break through strong defenses in combat sports – and a good front strangle is an excellent diversion for a quick go behind and entry into your favorite rear strangles. So make sure you can attack well both front and back with strangle attacks, since improvement in one will very naturally lead to increased success with the other (yes, the relationship goes in both directions, though usually front to back is preferable over back to front because it leads to a more controlling position).

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