Opportunity won’t last forever

Opportunity won’t last forever: Jiu jitsu is a game of movement. As the two athletes move around each other, opportunities to attack will naturally arise. No doubt all of you will already have your favorite opportunities. Some of you will favor front headlocks, some kimura, some leg locks from variations of ashi garami; arguably the most effective opportunistic scramble target is the back – whichever one you favor – understand that the opportunity will be fleeting and the better your opponent, the more fleeting it will be. As such, you must build the capacity to PULL THE TRIGGER UPON OPPORTUNITY. You will need to build this disposition in two ways. First, building the skills that lead to success with the move. Second, building the defensive skills that will enable you to recover in cases you you FAIL succeed with the move. Fear of the consequences of failing in the split second of opportunity has stopped more athletes from attempting the move when the opportunity was there than athletes who tried and failed. In a world of fleeting opportunity it’s not just about the skills that make the move work, but about the confidence to pull the trigger and attempt it – for without the attempt, no amount of skill will be of value in that fleeting time you have to perform the move you seek.

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