How you end today’s training session will determine tomorrow’s

How you end today’s training session will determine tomorrow’s: When most people end a Jiu jitsu training session they are typically rather exhausted. Understandably they usually either show and go home to rest or hang out on the mats and take a mental break with small talk and banter with their buddies. In most cases this is fine, but very often I find that this time immediately after class is one of the most productive to teach a quick lesson in response to a problem i saw students experience in that session. Problems irk us. When we experience a problem on the mat that irritates us, a good solution will be much more memorable and likely to “stick” in our minds precisely because the initial irritation creates a demand for knowledge, and that demand will make the lesson memorable. Here we all get together for a post class discussion of a problem students ran into – typically I will state the problem and offer initial solutions and bounce ideas around as we experiment with solutions. Some work well for some students, others for other students. These last thoughts often provide a good lead in to tomorrow’s class – and this is the important thing – for ONLY WHEN CLASSES BUILD UPON THE LESSONS OF PREVIOUS CLASSES IN A CONTINUOUS LINE OF PROGRESS CAN YOU BUILD TOWARDS YOUR LONG TERM GOALS IN THE SPORT.

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