The power of learning

The power of learning: It is always impressive to watch a student take on new ideas and information and then apply it to get to their goals. So often I get messages of students from around the world who watch the instructional videos of myself and my students at @bjj.fanatics and get results in the gym and in competition. One of the most impressive examples of this is the student who actually made many of the videos with me as the demonstration partner (Uke) – @placisantos Placido Santos. Placido got to feel and perform the moves and concepts first hand. It’s amazing to see how well he has adopted them into his game. This weekend the 150 pound blue belt entered the advanced open weight division of grappling industries and won first place! Using many of the lessons we worked and showed in the videos he was able to take every match by submission! Never underestimate the power of knowledge made into skill through hard training! Hope you enjoy this highlight reel of Placido tearing it up this weekend as I did!

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