I am very happy to announce the release today of the third and final instructional video of the FEET TO FLOOR series. This series focuses on the standing game of Jiu Jitsu in gi. This third volume focuses on aspects of the Jiu jitsu game that are of particular importance to the unique rules and demands of Jiu jitsu and which are either absent or downplayed in most grappling arts. Skills such as standing submission entries (pull to submission rather than pull to guard), a new approach to guard pulling where is it used to aggressively score rather than passively used to avoid being scored upon. How to counter guard pulls and pass in response to an opponent pulling guard. Takedown counters that put you in position to score on the ground. Remember that takedowns are only part of the standing game – there are other skills that can get better outcomes with much less risk and which can be learned very quickly – skills that can give you an effective standing game for Jiu jitsu in a short time. Check it out if you’re interested