Watching Jiu jitsu: Whenever my students are injured I usually encourage them to come in periodically and watch classes from the sideline. Why? When you can’t train your body – train your MIND. Remember always that the mind governs our actions. You want a faster game in JiuJitsu? That will require a mind that can process options faster just as much as a faster body. The problem is that when most people watch Jiu jitsu they FOLLOW the action rather than try to JUDGE and ANTICIPATE the action. They look only at the RESULT rather than the PROCESSES that brought about the results. When you watch, picture yourself out there and ask yourself second by second what you would be doing in their stead. How you would respond to other fellows attacks and defenses. Get engaged when you watch. The mental workout is every bit as useful and productive as the physical one the athletes on the mat are having.