The more dominant your grips and position – the more you take your time when moving: Sometimes Jiu jitsu rewards us for moving quickly – usually when we don’t have any form of advantage over our opponent. In these cases an advantage in speed may be the only advantage you have and if you can get to the next position ahead of your opponent you can profit. Sometimes Jiu jitsu rewards use for being slow. This is usually when you have a dominant grip and (usually top) position. In these cases time is your friend. Time spent in these positions is tiring and frustrating for an opponent. As he works harder and harder to get out, the more risks he will have to take to escape and the more likely he will leave a limb behind to be taken. So next time you take a dominating position/grip – take your time! Don’t be in such a rush for your next move. Remember that WHEN YOU HAVE NO CONTROL TIME IS YOUR ENEMY – BUT WHEN YOU HAVE CONTROL – TIME IS YOUR FRIEND