Victory in Texas!! Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan both won brilliant submission victories against very tough opponents tonight here in Austin Texas. Gordon Ryan took on the very talented Roberto Jiménez. He expressed a desire in training to avoid using leg locks and focus on arm bar from mount as the means to victory. He released an early leg lock and focused on passing to mount and juji gatame arm-bars. His first attempt was close but Mr Jiménez escapes brilliantly under pressure. The second attempt however was devastating and secured the win. Craig Jones took on the brilliant ATOS emerging star Ronaldo Jr. Both men went immediately to their strengths, Craig Jones with his extremely dangerous open guard and Ronaldo Jr with his speedy passing skills. After some strong exchanges Mr Jones latched on to an ashi garami and converted to a 50/50 variation. After a brief fight for hand control and heel exposure Mr Jones got into a powerful breaking position and won another great victory. Both athletes showed their incredible mastery of the squad ideal of control that leads to submission. Now it’s time to return to Puerto Rico and get everyone ready for new challenges! Hope you all enjoyed the show!