Victory in Texas!! The squad had a great night here in Austin tonight with three athletes competing and three victories at The Who’s Number One grappling show. Gordon Ryan won via submission – a triangle that he selected prior to the match – against the great ADCC medalist and squad rival, Vagner Rocha. Nicky Rod took on the great Yuri Simoes, the two time ADCC gold medalist in two weight categories. Nicky Rod showed his incredible Jiu jitsu development by passing repeatedly against a great champion who is almost never scored on in even the highest level competition. Oliver Taza won a very tightly contested match against outstanding world champion Johnny Tama. Mr Tama played a strong positional game while Mr Taza focused most on submission attacks. It was great being back in Texas and great to see the squad athletes showcase the skills they work so hard to perfect in the gym out on the stage. Now it’s back to Puerto Rico to get Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten ready for big challenges next month!! Hope you all enjoyed the show!!