Making strong people weak: The human body is set up in such a way that it can only exert strength upon objects that are placed in front of it. When we have to exert strength upon objects behind us we simply can’t and have to turn ourselves around before we can attempt to do so. When you grapple strong opponents – seek to get behind them. Once you get behind an opponent he simply won’t be able to use raw strength against you – he will have to know exactly what to do if he is to get out of the position – strength alone won’t be enough. Developing the skills of getting behind opponents is arguably the single best response to the challenge of opponents who feel stronger than yourself. It does better than level the playing field – it slants the field distinctly in your favor regardless of strength disparity. Among the many skills of Jiu jitsu – the skill of slipping behind an opponent at every opportunity is the one most likely to benefit you when going against opponents with a strength advantage over you.