Most times you have a juji gatame arm bar you also have a triangle available

Most times you have a juji gatame arm bar you also have a triangle available: The positioning for arm bars and triangles is such that WHENEVER YOU HAVE ONE, YOU ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE THE OTHER AVAILABLE. Triangles have the inherent advantage that they a locked around your opponents head and shoulder and hence much tighter. Also, triangles offer the dual benefits of a strangle as well as an arm lock and also, you can attack the joints from a triangle as well or even better than you can from a conventional juji gatame position. For these reasons it is often worth your time to switch your legs from the classic arm bar to a triangle when working for your submission. At little cost you will soon find yourself exerting considerably more control and with more finishing options. Here, Gordon Ryan takes an Ollie to from a brutal arm bar into a still more brutal triangle variation that makes escape very unlikely and allows him to choose his next attack in a leisurely fashion. Next time you are in arm bar position, play around with transitions to triangle variations - front, side, rear and reverse - and see what kind of havoc you can create

The path to powerful arm bars is through the head and shoulders

The path to powerful arm bars is through the head and shoulders: Ostensibly the juji gatame arm bar is an attack on the ELBOW. After all, that’s what will actually break if the opponent refuses to submit. However, your ability to control a tough resisting opponent long enough and well enough to get to that breaking point is mostly bound up with your ability to dominate his HEAD AND SHOULDERS. In the use of arm bars from bottom position in particular, you must be able to take your opponents head into an unnatural position that thoroughly undermines his ability to stack his weight into you and blunt your attack. Use the crossface leg - the one that goes over the head - to curl back in such a way that his head is taken completely out of alignment. This makes effective resistance very difficult indeed. As is so often the case in Jiu jitsu, you have to win several preliminary battles in order to win the major battle. In this case, the head before the elbow.

My instructional video Arm bar

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