I am very happy to announce the release today of the third and final instructional video of the FEET TO FLOOR series. This series focuses on the standing game of Jiu Jitsu in gi. This third volume focuses on aspects of the Jiu jitsu game that are of particular importance to the unique rules and demands of Jiu jitsu and which are either absent or downplayed in most grappling arts. Skills such as standing submission entries (pull to submission rather than pull to guard), a new approach to guard pulling where is it used to aggressively score rather than passively used to avoid being scored upon. How to counter guard pulls and pass in response to an opponent pulling guard. Takedown counters that put you in position to score on the ground. Remember that takedowns are only part of the standing game - there are other skills that can get better outcomes with much less risk and which can be learned very quickly - skills that can give you an effective standing game for Jiu jitsu in a short time. Check it out if you’re interested


I am very happy to announce the launch today of my latest instructional video series FEET TO FLOOR Volume 2. The emphasis of Volume 1 was on getting students with little standing experience to a level where they could takedown opponents their own size and skill level in the shortest possible time frame. This was done by focusing on the crucial preliminary skills that make all the other standing skills possible - stance, motion, grip, off balancing and position. Then we looked at the takedowns that most people find the fastest to acquire skills in - the hand dominant takedowns suck as collar drags, ankle picks, single legs, double legs etc along with a section on takedowns for self defense. This time we look at the longer term skill of takedowns that are foot/leg dominant along with the takedowns that I believe are the best suited overall for most Jiu jitsu purposes - the sacrifice takedowns (sutemi waza) such as Tomoe nage, sumi gaeshi and uki waza. These combine extreme effectiveness with great tactical safety and have a lot of cross over with skills that Jiu jitsu athletes are already very familiar with in ground training - so they are relatively easy for most students to learn. The big theme of the video is to get you all thinking like a boxer - just as a good boxer sees the jab as his most important punch - not because of its hitting effect, but because of its ability to harass, distract, confuse an opponent in ways that set up the powerful following punches - so too, a good grappler uses his feet to sweep, trip and off balance an opponent to harass, stumble and confuse an opponent to set up the big follow up throws - in this case, Tomoe nage, sumi gaeshi and uki waza (bit also any other throws you favor) If you want to make your feet your jab and set up power throws perfectly suited to JiuJitsu and get some highlight reel scores - take a look There is a link in my Instagram bio

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I am very pleased to announce the release of my FEET TO FLOOR

I am very pleased to announce the release of my FEET TO FLOOR: FUNDAMENTAL STANDING SKILLS today by BJJ Fanatics. This is the first of three videos covering the standing gi game in Jiu jitsu. The first volume focus on the key precursor skills of the standing game - stance, grip, motion, off balancing and position - without which you simply cannot perform all the other standing skills. Then it moves to the first takedowns to learn based upon degree of difficulty in learning. The goal is to take a student with very limited standing skills and get them confidently taking down opponents their own size and skill level in live sparring in a three to six month time frame. As such the emphasis is on TE WAZA (takedowns based around the use of hands/arms) since most people find the use of hands and arms easier when they begin than the more difficult but impressive feet and leg techniques that will cover in next volume. Then we go to the crucial rear takedowns that are very important to Jiu jitsu due to the unique scoring system of Jiu jitsu takedowns. Finally I felt that many Jiu jitsu students have as their primary motivation to learn takedowns their concerns about SELF DEFENSE (after all you don’t HAVE to practice takedowns while practicing the sport, but you will definitely need them in many self defense situations). Accordingly I added a look at my guide to takedown selection and philosophy for self defense purposes (obviously this is done no gi). If you are interested in the Jiu jitsu standing game you can check it out at BJJ Fanatics! I will put a link in my Instagram bio


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I am very happy to announce the release today of the final volume of the GO FURTHER FASTER Jiu jitsu fundamentals series STRANGLES AND TURTLE BREAKDOWNS. I cover the 3x3 gi strangles system in which the three most high percentage gi strangles in the sport are applied in the three most important strangle scenarios to give you the match winning details and tactics that you will use every time you step on the mats in your Jiu jitsu career. There are a vast number of strangles in the gi, many are interesting and exotic, but Almost Ninety percent of the successful strangles in top level gi competition come from just three families of strangle - my recommendation is to focus the vast majority of your study and training on them. To paraphrase - “fear not the man who knows thousands of strangles - fear the man who knows the three best strangles and has practiced them thousands of times and knows every aspect of their successful application.” I also cover the closely related skill of turtle breakdowns, which obviously sets up many of the best strangle opportunities. If you are interested in boosting your performance with gi strangles and breaking down the toughest turtle defenses - check it out! I will post a link in my Instagram bio Know more - win more!

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