Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms: There is no question that in jiu jitsu, the single most important factor in your progress will be the manner in which you train. HOW you train is far more important in determining your rate and extent of progress than WHO you train with. Nonetheless, having good people around you can definitely… Continue reading Brothers in arms

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Traveling man

Traveling man: Part of the process of improvement is traveling to test your skills, just as a thousand years ago the shaolin monks had to leave the monastery upon graduation and walk the land with their skills, so too, the modern jiu jitsu player must travel to compete and deepen his learning and demonstrate his… Continue reading Traveling man

Getting used to it

Getting used to it: As a general rule in day to day training, I prefer to see athletes working with training partners a tier below them in skill level. This allows them to focus more on technical development rather than physical exertion and pressure. However, it is very important that occasionally athletes get to work… Continue reading Getting used to it