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Mental Skills & Development
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Forethought: Things happen quickly once sparring begins. It’s a lot easier to get things done against a tough opponent if you have at least a rough idea of what you want to do before you attempt the next move. AS YOU ARE ATTEMPTING ONE MOVE, YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT YOUR NEXT MOVE SHOULD BE IF THE FIRST MOVE SUCCEEDS. Here, Gordon Ryan has stood up and successfully opened his training partners guard. This gives good attacking opportunities to BOTH athletes. THE INITIATIVE WILL GO TO THE ONE WHO MOVES WISELY FIRST. The only way to consistently do this is to look beyond the move you are currently performing and plot the next so that the very second the previous move is completed, you are entering the next. You must train your mind to operate this way. It’s unrealistic to plot too far out into the future – there are too many variables to control more than a move or two into the future. One step ahead is enough to gain advantage. Don’t be satisfied with the move your doing now – let your mind be restlessly seeking out the next move – and you will soon find yourself seizing the initiative from your opponents in sparring and competition

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