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Submission holds – they either work completely or they don’t work at all

Submission holds – they either work completely or they don’t work at all: No one remembers a a submission hold that “almost” worked. In the heat of high level competition against athletes aren’t afraid to take some pain, the only only ones that work are those that are perfect in their application. As far as the outcome goes, a submission hold that was 98% perfect is as useless as one that was 5% perfect. ONLY THE ONES THAT ARE 100% PERFECT COUNT. As such, if you are to take the long and difficult path towards submission mastery you MUST seek mechanical perfect in your holds. It’s not easy to attain against determined and skilled opponents – but when you get there you will have a truly impressive weapon at your disposal. Look at the pressure generated by this lock from submission master Gordon Ryan – pressure and mechanical tightness like this must be your goal.

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