The two greats flaws of ashi garami

The two greats flaws of ashi garami: No position has had more radical influence and effect on the no gi Jiu jitsu game over the last decade than the many variations of ashi garami (a generic term denoting “entangled legs” of which many varieties can be employed). Most of the effect over this time has come from the leg locking techniques showcased by the squad and those who followed their example. However impressive this development has been to observe, It is important always to consider not just the strengths of every weapon you employ - but also it’s weaknesses. In the case of the various ashi garami variations the two great weakness are mutual foot exposure and back exposure. Every form of leg entanglement to some degree - some more than others - will expose your feet and your back to an opponent. Usually the less they expose your feet - the more they will expose your back - and the less they expose your back - the more they will expose your feet. As such it is a weapon stands in contrast to the strongest attacking positions of Jiu jitsu such as rear mount - where you can attack with near impunity and focus entirely upon your attack with little to no regard for counter offense. Understanding this must make you circumspect when engaging in offense with ashi garami, and optimistic when engaging in defense - since at any moment you can counter attack very strongly at the feet or back if you play intelligently.