What opportunities do you see in this moment?

What opportunities do you see in this moment? Could act upon them in the time available? In any neutral situation in Jiu jitsu both athletes have opportunities for advancement or even outright victory. The first step is visual/mental. You have to SEE and IDENTIFY an opportunity before it becomes possible for you to go to the next step which is physical/skill based, that is to ACT upon that vision with sufficient prowess to get the job done. Every physical action begins as a recognition in the mind. It’s no good recognizing the opportunities but being to slow or unwilling to pull the trigger and take the physical action required to make it happen. Developing both aspects is crucial. Skill without vision will never be utilized. Vision without skill will achieve nothing. Train yourself to see opportunities and act on them and you will be on the way to superior performance.

Identify the problem

Identify the problem: Every submission hold has an escape. Every escape involves a set of movements - but invariably there is ONE movement that does the majority of the work of escape. For example in upper body submission holds from guard involving your legs such as triangle, juji gatame arm bar, omoplata etc - most of the early escapes are postural escapes involving your opponents HEAD rising away from you to create distance and this is the core of the escape/defense overall. Once you understand this as the athlete trying to perform the submission it’s all a matter of building increasingly powerful HEAD CONTROL as the basis of your submission game from guard. Focus upon the most pressing problem pays big dividends in Jiu jitsu. In a word of ten thousand problems learning to focus on the biggest ones first makes a big difference to your performance. Under stress it’s much easier to solve one bigger problem than a dozen smaller ones simultaneously. Develop a clear idea of what the biggest threat to your success is and attack that threat relentlessly - you will soon notice the difference in your performance

One of the surest ways to success in life is to identify an unacknowledged truth

One of the surest ways to success in life is to identify an unacknowledged truth - something of value that is true, but which only a few people KNOW or ACKNOWLEDGE is true. For example, I knew many years ago that leg locks could be improved from their basic format and made into a system just as effective as traditional Jiu Jitsu upper body submission and position orthodoxy. When I taught that to the squad it gave them them a significant advantage that enabled them to effectively match up against athletes with far more overall experience than them and win. If everyone acknowledges the truth of a true idea, then it’s difficult to use it to advantage - but if an important idea is true AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO BELIEVES IT TO BE THE CASE - THEN YOU CAN EASILY USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. A good example of this is one of my favorite moves - which I believe has always been massively undervalued in Jiu Jitsu. This is the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku). It is a truly devastating weapon, far more controlling than the more popular arm bars and strangles normally used in this position. From it you can apply a crushingly powerful strangle and many joint locks. It offers far more control than its alternatives and truly enables a smaller person to defeat a bigger person. All my senior students are masters of it - you should be too! Here, Gordon Ryan completely ties up and controls an opponent and now has his choice of which submission he will employ from here. Make a serious study of ushiro sankaku and take advantage of other people’s failure to see the value of this gold mine of submissions!