Defensive soundness

Defensive soundness: I’m sure you’ve all been to a boxing match and heard fools in the audience randomly screaming “KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!” every twenty seconds regardless of what is actually happening in the ring. Well, underneath it all there is some wisdom. Boxer keep the hands up in order to cover the chin and make it less accessible to a blow. Observation will quickly reveal good boxers don’t always keep their hands up, but they do whenever they NEED to to. Grapplers too need to protect and cover their chin when they need to - but for different reasons. We don’t need to worry about a blow to the chin, but rather a hand/wrist sliding under the chin to set a stranglehold. As such there is a need for us also to keep our hands up as a block when appropriate to catch not punches to the jaw, but strangles UNDER the jaw. Learn to keep your hand up and ready to block - just like a good boxer you don’t want your hands always in defensive mode - otherwise it can stifle your offense a little - but when it’s needed it BADLY needed - so get those defensive hands up and ready to save you

What opportunities do you see in this moment?

What opportunities do you see in this moment? Could act upon them in the time available? In any neutral situation in Jiu jitsu both athletes have opportunities for advancement or even outright victory. The first step is visual/mental. You have to SEE and IDENTIFY an opportunity before it becomes possible for you to go to the next step which is physical/skill based, that is to ACT upon that vision with sufficient prowess to get the job done. Every physical action begins as a recognition in the mind. It’s no good recognizing the opportunities but being to slow or unwilling to pull the trigger and take the physical action required to make it happen. Developing both aspects is crucial. Skill without vision will never be utilized. Vision without skill will achieve nothing. Train yourself to see opportunities and act on them and you will be on the way to superior performance.